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Your housing benefit – Caf tutorial

by admin on 17 May 2017
Your housing benefit – Caf tutorial

Tutorial Caf

We collect some questions frequently asked. Hope it can help you 🙂

If you still have any problems, don’t hesitate to reach us .


Am I eligible to housing benefit ?

Whether you are a French or a foreign student, you are entitled to housing benefit.You can only apply for this allowance once you have moved to France. Nevertheless, you must have a valid residence permit (titre de sejour)to be entitled to this allowance.

So If you come from outside the European Union to study France for 6 months or less,you maybe not eligible to this housing benefit.But we still recommend you to ask staffs to confirm further information.


Who will offer me this housing benefit ?

This allowance, which students benefit from in the same way as other citizens, is paid by the family benefit fund, CAF.

Visit the official website CAF  

Presentation about The Family Branch of the French Social Security System


What is the amount of housing benefit ?

Assistance amounts are computed case by case, based on the rental amount and the student’s resources. The benefit is not automatic or assured.

You can estimate your housing benefit by entering your information here:) But it’s maybe not the same you receive .

Calculate here !   


Before apply,what information do I need ?

If you intend to apply for student housing assistance, make sure meet the following conditions.

You must:

  1. Be in possession of your lodgings and can provide your address and the amount of your rent.
  2. Be enrolled in the mandatory student health insurance plan.
  3. Have a bank account in France, as housing assistance is deposited directly into beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

If you are sharing a house or apartment with a group of students, all members of the group may apply for assistance, provided their names appear on the rental contract (lease). Each student must apply individually. Married couples submit just one application.


Where should I apply ?

Applications for assistance must be completed on the Web site of the family assistance fund (CAF, Caisse d’allocation familiale) within 3 months of taking possession of your lodgings.


Here are the CaF official guide to help you understand better your right and the process .

English version




Spanish version


Chinese version



If you still do not understand how it works , please contact us ,we will do our best to help you.